Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Bryn Aszman, a sophomore, dresses colorfully and says she "doesn't care if it matches." She listens to some old music and some new music, but doesn't like "radio music."

Junior Casey Riscoe dresses athletically and loves all music. He listens to anything that he can "belt out" and is catchy.

Dale Peterka is a junior who dresses nicely, saying, "appearances will get you in the door." His favorite type of music is smooth jazz, because "it's great!"

James Allen, a junior, listens to "pretty much anything," depending on his mood. He dresses with his own style that he can't describe except for: "It's just stuff I like."

Josh Kameshima is a junior who dresses for comfort and listens to underground music. He says he likes this music style because it is unique and not everyone listens to it.

Junior Justin King doesn't care what he wears, saying, "I put on the first thing I see." He listens to almost anything except country.

Lauren Mosby, a junior, uses clothing style as a form of self expression. Her favorite style of music is alternative rock, because the lyrics relate to her life.

Sophomore Leticia Tafolla dresses comfortably, yet stylish. She says she listens to everything, because "each style of music conveys a different idea."

Mandi Hobbs is a junior who usually dresses in jeans and t-shirts and likes all types of music, especially the classics. She says, "I dress the way I do because I don't buy any clothes. I get hand-me-downs."

Olivia Galletta, junior, enjoys all music except rap and doesn't like to dress the way everyone else does. Her favorite music genres are alternative and rock.

Sami Mai is a sophomore, and she dresses differently depending on how she is feeling. She likes Eminem, but her favorite genre is country because "it talks about real things."

Trisha James is a junior who listens to mainstream music and usually dresses is jeans and a comfortable shirt. When asked why she likes mainstream music, she said, "I just do."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010